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AGE: From 3 years old Up to 9 years See PRODUCT information

Subcategory: Sticky deco

Price: AED29


These original fabric decorations can be hung up or stuck to the walls of their room, surrounding them with warmth and pleasant textures and colours.

Once upon a time... these fabric motifs are based on the characters and objects featured in traditional fairy tales. Little Red Riding Hood, the Little Birdie, etc. With their lively colours, they will fill your kids' room with imagination and tenderness.

First, decide whether you will stick them on a surface or hang them. To hang: 1. Peel the sticker, together with the fabric, off the transparent film. 2. Use the string on the back and hang them from any hook. To stick with the adhesive backing: 1. Peel the sticker off the transparent film. 2. Stick on any smooth, clean, dry surface. 3. Use your hands to smooth out any bubbles that may form on the adhesive backing. To remove: carefully peel the sticker off the wall and place it back on the transparent film for storage. Clean with a damp cloth.

  • Height : 36.00cm
  • Width: 30.00cm
  • Depth: 1.00cm
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  • Encourages:
    .Capacity to imagine,.Development of aesthetic sensibility,.Creation of a family, security, relaxing a trusting atmosphere