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AGE: From 4 years old Up to 9 years See PRODUCT information

Subcategory: Camomille

Price: AED349


Open-top car with caravan. More than 38 accessories. In the Camomille family forest, everyone contributes to the community and they all live in harmony with nature.

Car and caravan link together with a magnet. The roof and side of the caravan open to play inside. With kitchen, meals, household appliances, furniture, accessories and much more. Collect our series of Camomile woodland families and share the love of nature with them.

Four-seater car and turnable steering wheel. The caravan has a spare wheel, sunroof and a side door. The windows are decorated with curtains. The kitchen drawers and cabinets open. There are storage compartments in the floor and under the table. Includes: table with two benches, sofa-bed and 2 armchair-beds with padded fabric seats and backrests and fabric cushions, central table, suitcase, and in the kitchen: basket with 4 plates, 2 spice racks, 3 tins, 4 jam jars, 3 loaves of bread, 1 pot of honey, 3 tomatoes; 1 salad bowl, 1 saucepan with lid and a ladle.

  • Height : 34.29cm
  • Width: 17.78cm
  • Depth: 31.75cm
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