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AGE: From 4 years old Up to 9 years See PRODUCT information

Subcategory: Camomille

Price: AED367


In the house in the wood everyone has a task and contributes to the community, and they all live in harmony with nature.

A large house that opens in the middle to play with all the little animals. With a handle to carry wherever you go, accessories, and two little doll rabbits. Collect our series of Camomile woodland families and share the love of nature with them.

The little dolls have removable clothing and moveable arms and legs. Includes: 1 sofa, 1 chair, 1 cot, 1 rocking horse, 1 table, 1 tea set (teapot with lid, 2 cups and 2 saucers), 1 feeding bottle, 1 bath duck, 1 rattle, 3 buckets of games, and children's game with 3 rings.

  • Height : 29.85cm
  • Width: 29.85cm
  • Depth: 27.94cm
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